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A bunch of resources that are more “I couldn’t quite dedicate an entire section to” but are made up of useful resources for each of these topics as a stumble across them. Future plans certainly will be to build a Christian doctrine resources section (for now they remain here), cults section, denominations sections, other religions sections (Many require the gathering of sufficient resources). For now they’re here, but perhaps one day you’ll get a more thorough bank of resources on them! 


Is the Jesus of Mormonism the Jesus of the Bible?

Proof That Mormonism Is Not True: The Book of Abraham

You Won’t Believe What Joseph Smith Added to The Bible!

Leaving Mormonism: a Conversation

50 Problems With The Mormon Church

How To Talk To Mormons

Origins of Mormonism debunked | History 

Mormon Secret Language

Analyzing a Mormon Apologist (Martin Tanner)


Mormon debate

Can Men Become Gods? James White vs Martin Tanner

Short videos

The Strange But True Story of Mormonism

Mormon God vs Christian God

The Book of Abraham, Did Joseph Smith Lie?

Is the Bible Reliable?

Was Joseph Smith a False Prophet?

Is There Any Evidence for Mormonism?

Mormonism’s Catch 22

What They Do in Mormon Temples

Why You Shouldn’t Pray About the Book of Mormon

Did the Golden Plates Really Exist?

Translating the Golden Plates LDS Video

Why Mormonism is not the True Gospel

Is Mormonism Really the True Church?

Mormonism’s Confusing Image and Contradictions

Who Wrote the Book of Mormon? Anachronisms

The Mormon Priesthood LDS Video

Did the First Vision Really Happen?

Mormon Preexistence, Afterlife, Spirit Babies, and Heaven?

Is Mormonism Christian or is Christianity Mormonism?

Joseph Smith, Money Digging, Scams, and Witchcraft?

The Origins of Mormonism, Real or Borrowed?

Blood Atonement and the Mountain Meadows Massacre

Book of Mormon Sources, Was it Plagiarized?

What the Bible Says About Mormonism

Changes in Mormon Scriptures

Mormon Polygamy LDS Video

The Gospel to Mormons

Blacks and the Priesthood – Racism in Mormonism?

The Breakup of Mormonism and Splinter Groups

Did Mormonism Really Restore Christianity?

The Mormons Move to Utah

Joseph Smith’s Religious Environment LDS Video

How Mormons Misuse the Bible Part 1

How Mormons Misuse the Bible Part 2

Youtube channels

Apologia Studios



Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds Kindle Edition

Free book

Behold I stand at the Door and Knock