Youtube Library

Why Youtube?

Yep, there’s a lot here! Youtube’s a great resource to be familiar with since many Christians are producing content so quickly. My advice: get through these as quickly as possible and subscribe to them. I subscribe to all and they come up on your Youtube subscription feed. This way you can always havefresh videos everyday and likely every hour, picking the ones most relevant to something you’re interested in. 

This channel collects videos on the topic of Intelligent Design theory. (Beginner)

David Wood and his channel generally responds to topics of cultural Islam in todays society. Importantly, he provides videos and training on understanding what the Christian needs to know about Islam to evangelise to Muslims and be reassured that it is not the true way to God. (Beginner)

Provides interviews with many leading thinkers involved in Christianity. (Beginner)

One for the senior Apologist. This platform invites Apologists, scholars and sceptics inviting them to give a talk and then tackle an extensive Q&A. (Advanced)

A Canada based organisation (obviously) which have a broad range of speakers. It is worth a subscribe incase one of the talks they upload tackle a question of your interest. (Beginner)

Want to reach out to Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses? then this is a great resource for you. As well as this, Jeff Durbin uploads videos of public evangelism, James White uploads talks of various kinds regularly.  (Beginner)

Hank, who runs this show, regularly handles callers questions with a huge inventory of past answers. As well as this, there are a large quantity of interviews with professors on specific topics such as resurrection, creation etc. (Beginner)

A rich veign of apologetics, Biola has videos galore on topics of many kinds with many organised into youtube playlists. Topic examples: consciousness, prayer, science & God, debates, Islam and more. (Beginner/Intermediate)

The central hub of the position of Theistic evolution with all things from lectures to Q&A where you can learn more about this viewpoint. (Beginners)

Mr Hunter literally hunts down atheist content, usually those popular such as Hitchins, Carrier, and the internet atheists and critiques their arguments and claims.  (Advanced)

Props to this channel uploading entire sermon series of many of the New Testament books. If you want video sermons going through entire books fast in a short period of time from an ordinary pastor, check this guy out!  (Beginner)

Cameron’s done an amazing job here moderating made debates on a broad range of topics (More intermediate stuff). but for the beginner, there are some great response videos, amazing interviews with Christian figureheads and more. (Intermediate)

Mainly for Plantinga’s animated videos this channel is great/ Beyond that, it has short clips and talks on topics between philosophy and theology. (Intermediate)

Taken in parallel with Acts17 Apologetics, this channel provides great resources for understanding more on responding to Muslim apologetics and issues in Islamic theology. (beginner)

A legend in the equipping of Apologists, Wallace has provided a great “Quick shot” series on responding to those questions which sceptics will likely bring up. As well as this, he answers a range of Q&A questions, always answering from a detective perspective. (Beginner)

A new channel starting off with material on Pascal’s wager, a defense of it. As well as this, has a series of interviews with familiar faces in the apologetics world such as Paul Copan, Blake Giunta and Joshua Rasmussen. (Beginner)

Turek’s ministry has a great amount of quick responses to ethical dilemmas, debates with sceptics, questions of morality, interviews and much more. (Beginner/Intermediate)

This channel puts together some of the stories within Lewis’ work into short animations which play out in hand drawings. Very simple for learning key topics from Lewis’ broad library of material. (Beginner)

Combining with their weekly podcast, this channel has a range of interviews with top scholars, talks on cultural topics and lectures about theological and philosophical areas of study. (Beginner)

John’s ministry is simple and clear. Providing Q&A a few times a week has accumulated a huge library for us to browse through. He also regularly uploads miniature passage studies so you can bible study with John.  (Beginner)

A hub of material on Intelligent Design presenting it in a way that we can all understand and quantify. The channel helpfully breaks their contents into sections. (Beginner)

Basically the same as Discovery Science page, but earlier material generally. (Beginner)

So Doug’s earliest videos are animated walk through’s on key Christian questions in infographic ways like reliability of the New Testament, the moral argument, miracles and so on. It’s worth consuming this beginner level of material within a few hours. (Beginner)

Sean’s done great work in his books and now he has a channel dedicated to Q&A on social, cultural and philosophical questions. He also has a few debates on his channel. (Beginner)

One of the champions of Christian philosophy Dr Craig’s 1 of two channels has a range of animated videos perfect for introducing you to the arguments for God’s existence. To support this, he has compiled video clips related to each of the arguments in Q&A or response material. Best start browsing through the Youtube channel homepage for the full scope. (Beginner)

The Ehrman project is a channel dedicated to responding to the agnostic atheist scholar Bart Ehrman whose popular in the sceptical crowd. this channel gives responses to many of the false accusations he’s made against Christians. As well as this, there is general useful video clips on Christian philosophical and theological questions. (Beginner)

Eric’s work is a mixture of debates with atheists, responses to them, free will and talks especially on the soul. He has produced material in other areas, but with so many channels, I like his material on the soul as well as the debate material. (Intermediate)

A website generally dedicated to the contents of the Kalam, diving it’s contents into talks, responses for attacks on the premises of the argument. (Beginner)

A place where Christians of many stripes give talks on topics broad in type and style. It could be on New Testament scholarship to a Christian view of anxiety or finances. Well worth having subscribed if something catches your eye (Beginner)

Tim who heads up this channel owns a version called the Free thinking argument and engages with many of the different arguments for God and makes a case for Mere-Molinism, a view of soteriology (it’s not Calvinism basically). Great channel for hearing the arguments for God and equipping yourself as a believer apologetically. (Beginner)

For everything weird and strange in the Bible or outside the bible, this is a great channel. This could be in the form of texts that make people think “aliens!” To the Jewish stories of Lilith, Adam’s first wife. For answers on these questions not typically answered, this channel is great! (Beginner)

The pastoral teachings of Tim Keller, a great pastoral theologian. (Beginner)

The creators of, this ministry upload regular Q&A videos of questions Christians are asking in short snippets. (Beginner)

Critical questions asked by highly rated scholars. The talks here are intellectually satisfying, whether it be Adam and the creation, to God, morality and human freedom. Intellectually stimulating if you’re ready for something to sink your teeth into complex matters (Intermediate)

Christian testimonies from some known and unknown figures from society. Some with gentle transitions to Christianity, others more dramatic. A great place for encouragement and interest with stories from the Christian Rapper Lecrae to Korn’s heavy metal rockstar Brian Welch. (Beginner)

A channel dedicated to defending Intelligent Design theory with interviews, talks and resources to become more familiar with the idea. (Beginner)

These guys have made great animated videos on the New Testament, Jesus, tolerance and provide a whole bunch of response-based material in evangelism and your conversations. (Beginner)

This is a revolutionary YouTube channel and key as an apologetics library. Michael Jones has prepared playlists on different arguments for God, has handfuls of debates (Advanced) and other useful material he generally puts into handy playlists. (Beginner—Advanced)

Clues in the name as this channel critiques Islamic claims, explores the origins of the Quran, and more (Intermediate)

A channel with Apologetics materials in the forms of Q&A in areas of philosophy and apologetics, post-debate discussions, interviews. (Intermediate)

A channel dedicated to answering is Christianity true and discussing theological topics through interview. A broad range of topics. (Beginner)

Debates Jonathan has participated on with a broad range of topics from the resurrection to Old Testament prophecy and Intelligent Design. (Advanced)

They have an initial goal of equipping those from African ascent and abroad, but their content is relevant for Christians of all stripes talking apologetics, culture and theology. (Beginner)

A Christian channel on engaging with Mormons, their theology and beliefs. This is great if you want to be equipped to engage with Mormons. (Beginner)

Ray Comfort’s ministry of evangelism often showing clips of his engagements, how he handles them, the questions he receives etc. These are great for the Christians to learn from to prepare themselves for questions on the street may ask. (Beginner)

He is a theoretical astrophysicist, cosmologist, and postdoctoral researcher and perfectly equipped to talk on the fine-tuning of the universe. His channel has minimal material but brilliant for learning the depth and breadth of the fine-tuning argument for God’s existence. (Beginner)

The scholars youtube channel with all his debates, his podcasts series which is pretty good for beginners, material on the canon of the Bible and his many lectures. (Intermediate – Advanced)

You need to have this channel subscribed, Mike regular posts new videos in terms of sermon series weaved with apologetics, discussions on cults and heresies, theological disputes, evidence for Christianity, debates and more. Check out his youtube playlists (Beginner – Advanced)

The ministry of the late Nabeel now lead by his wife Michelle is a collection of discussions on engaging Muslims. The most interesting part of this channel is Nabeel vlogs as he goes from diagnosis to death. If you are suffering I know he passed away, but it is very insightful seeing someone so confident in the faith suffer and how they suffer from the point of role models. Also great for following Michelle’s journey as she continues Nabeel legacy (Beginner)

Like Ray Comfort, this channel uploads street evangelism and short clips on often cultural christian issues and what to do in those scenarios. (Beginner)

A great channel consisting of many Jews coming to belief and trusting in Jesus. A great place for encouragement. (Beginner) 

Short answers to key questions. This channel covers literally hundreds of topics of buzzword questions christians face with short 1-5 minute responses generally. (Beginner)

The key takeout from this channel for me is Marc’s series on alleged Bible contradictions (checkout his youtube playlist) as he has collecting quite a good amount of responses. (Intermediate)

Another great channel lead by Al Fadi on engaging with Islam working in sync with the other Islam apologetics channels here. This goes into contradictions in the Quran, Islamic history and engaging with Muslims (Beginner)

A channel on faith and history in the pre-Nicene era. This channel introduces you to the church fathers briefly, the Septuagint, works of the Christian Era and more (Beginner)

Though they have lots of political material on here, there is great resources for the Christian in the short videos such as the Ten Commandments, videos on philosophy and more. (Beginner)

The ministry of Ravi Zacharias with a fantastic range of Q&A handling tough topics and providing short answers. Apart from the Q&A, there are a range of talks and lectures on all things like pluralism, atheism morality etc. (Beginner)

The other arm to William Lane Craig’s youtube ministry with lectures, talks and debates to do with the existence of God and how to defend them. As well as this, You have his Defenders lectures which are brilliant for the young budding apologist to equip himself and take him from beginner to Intermediate in their knowledge of Apologetic arguments and Doctrine. (Beginner – Advanced)

The Ministry of Hugh Ross and others with all things to do with the relationship between science and faith, focusing generally on these questions as well as branching into more generic areas of apologetics. They have a great tv series worth following also. (Beginner)

The youth outreach of RZIM ministries with talks uploaded and a wide range of Q&A that, although aimed at teenagers, are informative and clear for an adult also struggling with such questions. (Beginner)

A relatively new channel by Trent Doherty to provide and engage with arguments for God and objections from sceptics along the way. (Intermediate)

This channel is a dedicated place for church history in brief, quick 30 minute videos. You can go from the first century to the reformation and beyond and find out how the church progressed, what it encountered and where parts went off the rails. Very informative. (Beginner)

Sam’s ministry engaging predominantly with Islam as well as participating in debates with Muslims, Unitarians, and more. Also Sam engages on theological issues with in-depth discussions. (Beginner)

High profile interviews with important figures either in the Christian faith, or key contributors to the discussion. Ranging from Science, Faith, Genesis days, intelligent design. (Beginner) 

Another great Q&A channel dealing with typical questions Christians are asked. (Beginner)

The ministry of Leighton Flowers, a once Calvinist pastor who turned away from Calvinism theologically. He now has a channel that engages with Calvinist thought and the other theologically grounded views. (Intermediate)

This ministry engages with cultural questions of the day, stories in Christian media and theological topics. (Beginner)

Another great Q&A channel dealing with questions Christians would like to know in their playlist labelled Honest Answers. There are many other topics and talks also on this channel. (Beginner)

Great little channel with arguments for God in short presentations, response videos to sceptics, recommended resources as well as a few debates (maybe just the one there at the time of writing this). (Intermediate)

As the head of the Discovery Institute, Meyer has very clear and articulate material on the Intelligent Design movement in interviews, debates and talks. (Beginner)

The ministry of Greg Koukl mainly focus on tactics, how to have better conversations, material on social issues such as abortion, marriage, worldviews etc. They have a range of animated videos that are very informative also. (Beginner)

Another great Q&A or resource based channel whether it be answering a theological question or something like “5 tips to get closer to God in prayer”. This style of short, regular, consumable content. (Beginners)

A hub of intellectual talks with extensive Q&A’s and debates on huge questions to do with the Christian faith. These debates can range from Christian vs atheist or be in-house Christian vs Christian issues. (Advanced)

These guys are the king of animated videos. They have an army of resources on introducing you to books of the Bible, have videos on word studies, themes and ways to read the Bible. Essential for any Christian really. (Beginner)

This channel provides a lot of material your pastor may listen to but you also. Many great theologians give their thoughts and answers on church related issues, evangelism and sharing the gospel. (Beginner)

A tv show with episode son youtube about engaging with the problems of Islam and the Muslim belief system. Great for building up knowledge of their history and how to engage with Muslim apologists. (Beginner)

Highly dedicated scholars in their field come to discuss in relating to Christianity huge topics like the design of the universe, the creation of first life, science and faith relations, and more. (Intermediate)

A channel talking all things to do with the Bible, it’s reliability, composition, and all things related. Oh, and the talks aren’t an hour long. (Beginner)

Debating all things controversial in the Christian faith from ethical views, to scientific topics. This material comes in the form of debates and extensive lectures. (Intermediate-Advanced)

Mackie has great material on the Old Testament and talks on Christianity especially in terms of reliability of the Bible, the meaning behind words and more. (Beginner)

Braxton Hunters channel where they engage in cultural apologetic issues of today and spend a lot of their time responding to online sceptics or more well known vocal critics. (Beginner)

The debate hub of Christianity really. This show often brings people of different opinions and worldviews together to discuss issues that divide them. Topics range as broad as artificial intelligence, the existence of God, ethical issues and theological issues. (Advanced)

Great Q&A on theological issues Christians face like speaking in tongues, marriage with an appeal to people of the Hebrew roots of Jewish backgrounds. For the Christian, this material is just brilliant in general to be learned and informed. (Beginner)

He spends most of his time these days engaging with the Hebrew Israelites community as his main area of study and evangelism so people can be informed of what this cult does. As well as this, Vocab engages with Islam, Judaism and atheism as well as debates. (Beginner – Advanced)

A small channel filled with nuggets of gold resources and responses to typical issues Christians face. Spend an hour on here of your life, you’ll enjoy what you find. They also have a huge debate between a Trinitarian and a Unitarian! (Beginner)

All things New Testament, from evidence to it’s reliability. Wesley, being a scholar provides answers, gives talks and more on the trustworthiness of the Bible. (Beginner)

One of the channels out there responding to pop atheists as well as popular youtube atheists and their arguments. He will also make response videos on particular topics in which the field of Christian apologetics is involved. He makes his content simple and consumable for anyone of any apologetic experience. (Beginner).

Josh’s channel focused generally around the Contingency argument for God and one of the leading proponents of the argument publically today. (Beginner)

The crux of this channel for me is the debates had on the meaning of Life, God and the universe and other interesting talks on this channel. (Intermediate – Advanced)

Another arm of the RZIM ministry with extensive lectures across morality, ethics, the Bible, the resurrection and more. Intellectually stimulating talks without having to be a PhD student to understand. (Beginner)

A channel filled with the occasional talk, but mainly to me seems an army of trailers for course material they have and this is great because if you wanted to study, say, the Greek of the New Testament, why not try out the first talk or a snippet to see if you would like it? Or watch the trailer for such a course? So this channel acts as a gateway to finding another resource you’d like generally. (Beginners – Intermediate)