A Case for the Soul

Near Death Experiences

Why on earth as a Christian would I make a defence for near-death experiences? I realised many Christians were interested and discovered that there is a case to be made. There is evidence here of a life beyond just our physical body, a soul. But one clause, we are still within this world, and not quite the afterlife (from case result data). 

The minimal case here is one for an immaterial soul that transcends the body (But it’s not a case for people going to heaven/hell and coming back). This is a supporting the dualism argument for Christianity in the soul which inevitably ties into the resurrection as a reinforcing argument.

Get Started

3 Minutes


Explaining the importance of this topic


7 Minutes

Corroborated reports: Almost dead

Evidence type 1

3 Minutes

Corroborated reports: After the Heart stops

Evidence type 2

3 Minutes

Corroborated reports: After the Brain stops

Evidence type 3

5 Minutes

Corroborated reports: People they didn’t know had died

Evidence type 4

3 Minutes

Organising the results

Can this data be put together properly? what's their methodology like?

3 Minutes

Evidence from brain psychology

what evidence can we gather from mind-brain experiments?

Reactions & responses

3 Minutes

Reactions form the sceptical community

How do they deal with such data?

7 Minutes

Should we be concerned as Christians?

Does this undermine the Christian faith with atheists claiming to go to heaven?

4 Minutes

Critical questions: Drugs & Hallucinations

Could this be just people who are high/tripping out?

< 1Minutes

Critical questions: Psychological Questions

Non-medical hallucinations perhaps?

5 Minutes

Critical questions: Other naturalistic proposals

Could all the Doctors be lying about their findings?

3 Minutes

Critical questions: A not so natural theory

How about...telepathy or Extra sensory perception?

A case

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The Case for NDEs

Putting it all together, what can we pitch?


I pulled out a collection of videos by Gary Habermas, THE expert when it comes to the resurrection and being a Christian, he provides so much clarity in this fog of confusion on why we as Christians can be pro-NDE and how NDEs are pro-Christianity.