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How about hallucinations not caused by medical factors? Depersonalisation (a recreation to life-threatening dangler in terms of personal detachment from a situation), wishful thinking, dreams or other related altered states of consciousness such as those sometimes achieved in various sorts of isolation conditions? These also cannot account for NDEs.

Firstly, Osis & Haraldsson discovered a distinct lack of correlation between hallucinations. And NDEs. [1] Depersonalization is negative phenomenon that shrinks mental abilities, while NDE’s are generally positive, exhibiting a profound heightening effect on one’s experience.

Second, Even if you claimed similarities, that does not prove identical causes, which psychological explanations should do in order to count against the objective validity of NDEs. Similar effects do not necessitate identical causes, such must be proved on a cases by case basis, not simply supposed. No such proof has been generated to link psychological factors to NDEs. 

Psychological experiences of a subjective nature cannot explain objective factors presented by NDE researchers, so we must look elsewhere if we are to find a valid counter explanation for NDEs.


  1. Osis and Haraldsson, At the Hour of Death, p188
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