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Over 5,000!

Well this has been an exciting week! Launched eight days ago, 5,000 people reached through social media and the project has lift off! The aim of these posts generally will to share the resources I come across each week as well as projects I am working on. 

The reasons for this is I watch/listen and come across a lot, daily and figured I should share some of it. I’ll design them to be quick to skim and easy to follow. It shouldn’t take long.

New Series starting Monday!

I will be posting during weekdays evidence from outside the Bible for the Christian story. It will start with Non-christian, unsympathetic sources talking about early Christianity. Why? Well out of the thousands of sources lost to history, we have a good number of sources within 100 years of Christ’s lifetime, some but a few decades from his life. We shouldn’t expect any during his lifetime outside of the New Testament material (You could argue as I do that Matthew is a note taker during his lifetime possibly). stay tuned, the material will be designed to be shared!(Instagram priority)

Judaism’s origins

Recently I was asked about the origins of Judaism. If Christianity has it’s origins in Judaism, well where is the origins of Judaism? And does it just come out of the pagan background of the culture? Well sure many Jews mixed, but Yahweh as one God was unique in these times. Inspiring Philosophy has made this brilliant three part series on it taking him two years to produce. 

Noah Flood narrative

While we’re on the Old Testament, the same channel which I’ve used often also has some great stuff on Noah’s flood & Eden. The material on the flood, I am sure not everyone will agree about. But, It’s good to understand all decent Christian schools of thought.

Resurrection related

Do Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence? Haven’t heard this accusation? Well firstly, check out my article on it, also check out the talk below on it. Also a Great talk by Mike and Gary on the Resurrection with Q&A where they fry multiple sceptic Youtubers who try to undermine them. Makes for a great watch and helps you answer objections. 

Bible related

Who chose the books that are in the Bible? why 27? What about the books that didn’t make it in? Find this talk also in the Bible video hub on the site. Early creeds, probably doesn’t mean much but they help answer the question “What was preached before the Bible was written down?”. This of course deals with the questions to do with the foundations of the New Testament Bible. Exciting stuff!

Other interesting stuff!

Some random videos I’ve come across this week that piqued my interest and maybe yours too! One about fortune tellers, another is an animated video. This third video is about how as a Christian we can handle anxiety. 

More Advanced stuff.

For the big boys. Tom Jump is a common sceptic youtuber debater and has a “tactic”. Work out just what that is before a sceptic tries to do it to you in conversation. The second talk by Adam Johnson is him critiquing Eric Wielenberg’s Metaethical model. In the 3rd talk he proposes his better model.