A defence of Christianity

Christianity & suffering

The problem of evil is seen as the biggest defeater for Christian belief, how should we as Christians respond? Here I have prepared a series of articles dealing with the challenge philosophically and then importantly theologically. As healthy as a philosophical answer may be, It is Christianity we are defending, not Deism, Islam etc. 

Philosophical answers

3 Minute

The logical problem of evil

Is it logically possible suffering and God can co-exist?

5 Minutes

The Probability problem of evil

Is it probable that God and suffering can co-exist?

The Big Questions

2 Minutes

Why some people think there is no answer to the problem of evil

10 Minutes

Why do we suffer for Adams sin?

Working through the Logic from Adam to us

10 Minutes

Why do bad things happen to good people? (Part 1)

6 Minutes

Are there no good people? (Part 2)

Looking at the idea of good-less people

7 Minutes

What about those who have never heard?

Are some people disadvantaged on the judgement day?

9 Minute

What’s fair about eternal punishment?

Looking at hell and the idea of justice unfolding

4 Minutes

Is free will worth it considering all the suffering in the world?

Would it be better if we just never happened?

9 Minutes

Wasn’t there another way?

Many of us have thought it, some try to imagine it. But is it truly a conceivable concept in the larger picture?

6 Minute

Will we have free will in heaven?

If we're free to mess up now, what about heaven?

5 Minutes

Will eternity be boring?

Many Christians are worried about heaven, what lies have we been told about this place?

6 Minutes

The Cosmic battle of the cross: The missing answer in the problem of evil debate.

What fundamental plotline has been ignored in this important debate?

9 Minutes

Suffering and the love of God

Where is God personally in our suffering? What is he doing?