Get equipped


These resources will help keep you informed and always learning.

  1. Apps: Have those resources on the go designed by top Christian Apologist organisations. These are your new Facebooks
  2. Podcasts: Any free time left? well here you go, thousands of Christians have setup podcasts, here we try to give you the best of the bunch
  3. Youtube channels: To finish off your social life, subscribe to over 100 channels of apologist madness and get daily (more like every few hours) of a wealth of resources, opinions and ideas so you stay ahead of the curve. Don’t watch it all! Just pick relevant material.
  4. Books: Well you need to spend your salary on something… This is one of the best ways of learning a specific topic (This site is just a springboard)
  5. Christian Thinkers (apologists): Apologists Assemble! who needs a marvel universe when you’ve got these guys! Learn your legends as they prepare resources for the next generation of Christians
  6. Courses: Money left over? No problem, take courses from some of the top scholars and become trained in the art of defending the faith. we’re talking often free/under £100
  7. Websites: Go explore the specialist sites on particular topics, many have freebies!
  8. Ethics: Resources on dealing with those difficult topics