The Reliability of the New Testament


A great starting point will be to kit yourself out with books. These, by their nature take you from start to finish for different areas for the reliability of the Bible. Buy them, read them.

    Evidence that Demands a Verdict

    This large book is a small library for data on the resurrection as well as the New Testament

    I don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

    This book has a great defence covering the reliability of the Apostles eyewitness testimony

    Cold Case Christianity

    A cold case detective examines the evidence for Christianity from a critical perspective to see if Christianity checks out

    The Historical Jesus

    This unique book covers the historical Jesus figure, the historical data behind it as well as pre-New Testament material

    Can We Trust the Gospels?

    A beginners book covering essential questions of the New Testament reliability is a sweeping survey of big questions form different areas of New Testament reliability

    The Historical Reliability of the New Testament

    A massive book on reliability investigating the canon, the gospels, Paul, miracles and more

    Dethroning Jesus

    A book written in response to attacks on the Bible, some modern, some old, but all are popular in different circles

    The Case for Christ

    A journalist goes around interviewing the top scholars with his questions. as a result, he becomes a Christian

    Church History 4th Edition

    The history of the church is grey for many, want a detailed account through the early ages on toward today? This is your book