The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ


Short, shareable Q&A videos on common questions associated with the resurrection of Jesus.

    Does the Resurrection Require Extraordinary Evidence?

    Was Jesus an Exception to Roman Burial Practices?

    On Extra-Biblical Sources for Jesus’ Post-Mortem Appearances

    Was Jesus Buried for Three Days?

    Does the Quran attest to the resurrection?

    What About Pagan Myths of Dying and Rising Gods?

    Why Didn’t Jesus Appear to the Rulers of His Time?

    Can you believe Jesus just spiritually rose rather than physically?

    Given the Evidence, Why Don’t More Jews Believe?

    What About Matthew’s Guard Story?

    Is the Resurrection Hypothesis Really As Absurd as the Alien Hypothesis?

    How Do the Claims of Christianity Compare to the Claims of Joseph Smith?

    What Role Does Evidence Play in the Belief of the Resurrection?

    Should We Expect More Extra-Biblical Sources For Jesus?

    Is the Oral Tradition Comparable to the Telephone Game?

    Are the Facts of the Resurrection an Appeal to Majority?

    What Happened to the Disciples That Transformed Them into Avid Witnesses for Christ?

    Does Belief In Christ Produce A Historical Bias In Favor of the Resurrection?

    Could the Post Resurrection Appearances of Jesus Be Merely Hallucination Experiences?

    Do We Regard the Resurrection Narratives In the Gospels As Historically Credible?

    What Kind of Evidence Is Historical Evidence?

    Do the Resurrection Narratives Hinge Upon Biblical Inerrancy?

    Does Mark’s Account of the Resurrection Have Legendary Embellishment?

    Why Are There Differences in the Resurrection Accounts?

    Did Jesus Physically Appear or Was He a Vision

    Is It Possible to Evaluate the Resurrection without Believing In God or Miracles?

    Was God Dead for Three Days?

    Should We Expect More Eyewitness Accounts of the Resurrection?

    Where Is the Resurrected Body of Jesus?

    Is there a Pre-Markan Source and the Resurrection of Jesus?

    Who were the 500 Eyewitnesses in First Corinthians 15?

    What is meant by the Ascension of Jesus?

    What about one’s presupposition about Jesus’ resurrection?

    What is the personal significance of Jesus’ resurrection?

    What is the Significance of Jesus’ Resurrection?

    Do other New Testament writers confirm Jesus’ disciples?

    What Evidence is there for the Empty Tomb of Jesus?

    What is the evidence that Jesus appeared alive after His death?

    Why did the Christian movement come into being?

    Did Early Jews Understand Scriptures to Claim an Empty Tomb?

    What did the Jews at the time believe about a physical resurrection?

    Did Jesus Die and Was He Buried as Christians Claim?

    How were People Affected After Seeing Jesus Resurrected Body?

    Did God Raise Jesus from the Dead?

    Did Simon Peter Invent the Resurrection?

    What Do Scholars Believe About the Resurrection of Jesus?

    Do the Gospels Describe the Crucifixion With Medical Accuracy?