christians making the case


Christian Apologetics is reasoned arguments or writings in justification of Christian belief. One of the earliest of these was obviously Paul and we see in Acts 17 Paul at work in this. 1 Peter 3:15 is often the mandate of Apologetics “Always be prepared to give a reason for the faith that you believe in”. From Science, morality, reliability of the Bible to neuroscience, there are many Apologists out there providing reasoned arguments for the existence of God and the deity of Jesus. Most of these you can Youtube. Clicking each profile will show you an example of their works as a taster. The descriptions are just some rough keywords as to what they cover or what I’ve found useful from them. I will one day divide these guys up by category…

Selected Apologists

William Lane Craig, General apologetics

Gary Habermas, Resurrection, NDE’s, Shroud of Turin

John Lennox, General apologetics

Clay Jones, Evil & free-will

Paul Copan, Old Testament, Morality

Daniel Wallace, Biblical manuscripts

Frank Turek, Apologetics generally

Stephen Meyer, Intelligent Design

Nabeel Qureshi, Islam

Amy Orr Ewing,  Apologetics generally

Mike Winger,  Apologetics generally

Sharon Dirckx, Consciousness, Suffering

Craig Blomberg, New Testament reliability

Mary Jo Sharp,  Apologetics generally

Greg Koukl, Conversational tactics

Michael Jones (Inspiring Philosophy), General apologetics

Tim McGrew, New Testament reliability

David Wood, Islam

Sean McDowell, Apologetics generally

Braxton hunter, Apologetics generally

Tim Keller, Pastoral, Apologetics generally

Ryan Reeves, Church history

NT Wright, Resurrection

Keith Ward, Consciousness

Luke Barnes, Fine-tuning

Lee Strobel, Apologetics generally

Peter J Williams, New Testament reliability

Nancy Pearcey, Culture & ethics

Hugh Ross, Science generally

Michael Brown, Judaism

J P Moreland,  Apologetics generally

Lydia McGrew, New Testament reliability

Sam Alberry, Sexuality

Michael Licona, Resurrection

Mark Mittelberg, Apologetics generally

J Warner Wallace, Apologetics generally

Richard Swinburne, Apologetics generally

Craig Evans, New Testament reliability

Eric Hernandez, Soul, free-will

Sam Shamoun, Islam

Michael Behe, Biology

Vince Vitale, Apologetics generally

Michael Ramsden, Apologetics generally

Jon Mccray, responding to sceptic claims

Fuzale Rana, Science

Larry Hurtado, New Testament reliability

Andy Bannister, Islam, Apologetics generally

Jonathan Wells, Biology

Jeff Durbin, Mormonism

James White, New Testament reliaibility, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses

Norman Geisler, Apologetics generally

Ben Witherington III, New Testament reliability

Jonathan McLatchie, Apologetics generally

Jeff Zweerink, Science

Darrel Bock, New Testament reliability

Bobby Conway, Apologetics generally

Alisa Childers, Progressive Christianity

Michael J Kruger, New Testament reliability

Craig Hazen, Pluralism

David Bennett, Sexuality

Craig Keener, New Testament reliability, Miracles

Alvin Plantinga, Philosophy

Vocab Malone, Hebrew Israelites (Cult)

Cameron Bertuzzi, Apologetics channel

Tim Barnett. Apologetics generally

Michael Strauss, Cosmology

Denis Alexander, Science

Voddie Baucham, Pastoral

Richard Howe, Apologetics generally

Bill Mounce, Learn Biblical Greek

Larry Taunton, General apologetics

Alistair McGrath, Science

Brett Kunkle, General apologetics

Guillermo Gonzalez, Fine Tuning

Abdu Murray, Apologetics generally

C.S. Lewis, Apologetics generally

Douglas Axe, Science

Lisa Fields, Apologetics generally

Francis Schaeffer, Apologetics generally

Steven Collins, Archaeology

David Robertson, Apologetics generally

John Bloom, Apologetics generally

Sir John Polkinghorne, Science

Josh McDowell, Apologetics generally

Lara Buchanan, Apologetics generally

Os Guinness, Apologetics generally

Richard Baukham, Apologetics generally

Simon Edwards, Apologetics generally

Phillip Johnson, Intelligent Design

William Dembski, Intelligent Design

Ted Wright, Archaeology

Wesley Huff, New Testament reliability

Tim Mackie, Biblical theology basics

Joshua Rasmussen, contingency argument

John Ankerberg, General apologetics tv channel

Peter S Williams, Apologetics generally

Colin, Islam

Michael Heisler, Old Testament supernatural elements (Angels, demons, divine council etc.)