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Using this website in epic fashion

There are several areas on this site: 

Evidence: Equip yourself with arguments for God’s existence & Christianity generally

Conversations: Know what to say when you are asked

Libraries: Build your own resource library 

Skill levels

You’ll see these labels lingering around. Beginners is most people, Advanced might be in over your head or sound worse than it is if you’re not familiar with it (Like some Christian vs sceptic debates)

Beginner: New to the topic, new to apologetics, new to the whole thing! 

Intermediate: More complex material and no need for a degree to understand it. 

Advanced: Only look at this material if you’re really confident of the beginner/intermediate stuff.


Resources & articles

Clear content for you to dig your teeth into from long to short articles. The articles are to give you a confident introductory knowledge on a particular area. Some articles are very “data-led”, others are more 5-10 minute reads. 

The Resources contain books, many videos, podcasts, courses and more if articles are not your thing!


    One observation I’ve heard from many of my christian friends is knowing how to talk about their faith from a wide range of angles without either “insulting” them or “alienating” them.  What this section is to be as it builds into a proper page over the next year will be to provide short dialogues for how you could perhaps express a topic. 

    As well as this, other resources and tools will be generated such as “how to talk” & “how to dialogue without debating”. 


      Now to take away the rest of your free time…These resources will help keep you informed and always learning.

      1. Apps: Have those resources on the go designed by top Apologist organisations. These are your new Facebooks
      2. Podcasts: any free time left? well here you go, thousands of Christians have setup podcasts, here we try to give you the best ones of the bunch
      3. Books: Well you need to spend your salary on something… This is one of the best ways of learning a specific topic (This site is just a springboard)
      4. Courses: Money left over? No problem, take courses from some of the top scholars and become trained in the art of defending the faith
      5. Websites: Go explore the specialist sites on particular topics, many have freebies!
      6. Christian Thinkers (apologists): Apologists Assemble! who needs a marvel universe when you’ve got these guys! Learn your legends as they prepare resources for the next generation of Christians
      7. Youtube channels: To finish off your social life, subscribe to over 100 channels of apologist madness and get daily (more like every few hours) of a wealth of resources, opinions and ideas so you stay aheard of the curve

      Contact us

      Have an idea? Want to help out in some way? get in touch! I’m always willing to receive feedback (especially corrections as my spelling less than perfect)!