The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ


A great starting point will be to kit yourself out with books. These, by their nature take you from start to finish for resurrection cases. Here’s some of my recommendations!

    Evidence that Demands a Verdict

    This large book is a small library for data on the resurrection as well as the New Testament

    The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

    This is where you start if you want to make a logical defence of the resurrection

    The Easter Enigma

    Are there contradictions in the resurrection accounts of the gospels? No, this book tells you why

    The Risen Jesus and Future Hope

    This book looks at the resurrection, God's existence and the future hope we have

    The Resurrection of the Son of God

    A massive book on the origins of the resurrection: Is it genuine? or was it an idea stolen from others?

    The Crucifixion of Jesus: A Medical Doctor Examines the Death and Resurrection of Christ

    The title says it all really...

    Resurrection of Jesus, The: A New Historiographical Approach

    Using just the historical and scholarly data, Licona makes an extensive scholarly case for the resurrection

    The Case for Christ

    A journalist goes around interviewing the top scholars with his questions. as a result, he becomes a Christian

    Who Moved the Stone

    A man sets out to disprove the resurrection and writing a book about it, however, he ends up writing a book for the evidence of the resurrection