A work in progress!

Discuss your faith

This is all about conversational evangelism. The goal of these short posts is to give you a rough framework for how you may talk about Christian beliefs. These could be ethical beliefs that clash with culture, Christian doctrinal beliefs as well as talking about arguments for God’s existence. As well as dialogues, I’ll pack in other material to help with interactions and conversational strategies. This page is a work in progress.


3 Minutes


How do we talk about this seemingly water-based activity?

3 Minutes

Born Again

What does it mean to be born again?

4 Minutes


Why do Christians do church and for what benefit?

2 Minutes


Providing clarity when defining faith with your friends.

4 Minutes

Holy Spirit

What on earth is it? How do we share what it is?

4 Minutes


Talking about an awkward word with our friends.


3 minutes


Do Christians care about it? How do we discuss this?

Proclaiming the Gospel

So you’ve probably heard Christians talk about the great commission at the end of Matthew’s account. Sounds easy right? Gospel means Good news after all and who doesn’t enjoy good news? Except, what is that good news? And how do you explain it?



The Gospel message in six simple memorable steps.


The Romans Road

The Gospel story as told through the book of Romans.


Gospel Bridge

How do we talk about this water-based activity?



The gospel in
1 Corinthians 15:1-7.

2 Minutes


What is the best way to share the Gospel with a total stranger?

5 minutes

Gospel life

What does a Gospel shaped life look like?

5 Minutes

The Bible story

What is the Bible narrative from start to finish in a nutshell? Take it all in within a few minutes.

3 minutes

Spoken word: Jesus

The love of Jesus in this short poem displaying what he did, why and what happened next...