What is the best way to share the Gospel with a total stranger?

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Observe and learn about that person. What they talk about, wear, have in their homes/desk tells you a lot about a person. Ask questions, let them talk a lot more than you do (80:20 rule, you talk for 20%). Build rapport, be genuine, be a friend. 


This is where you can bridge from normal to spiritual questions, questions like “has anyone explained to you how to become a true Christian?” if they mention religion or anything spiritual (If it naturally flows that way). 

It could be opinion related, a story in the news which makes a bridge to God or Christianity. 


This can involve sharing your own testimony and sharing the Gospel with others

Avoid tangents too much

Don’t get stuck on theological issues, take them to the cross, the core of Christianity. You can debate all sorts till the cows come home, that will unlikely be what’s truly holding them back (Though use you discernment).

End a conversation well

They will likely not become a Christian after your first dialogue. You want them to walkaway not thinking they had a debate, but they had a good conversation with a friend and it was different from those other Christians.

How do you get the conversation going?

Get others to start the conversation. 

Person 1: How are you?

Person 2 : I’m feeling blessed

Person 1 : What are you doing at the weekend?

Person 2 : Doing what I love on the weekend, being with my church family this Sunday, maybe chill saturday.

Person 1 :What did you do at the weekend?

Person 2: Well the highlight was church of course and he brought up this really interesting way of dealing with this disease outbreak and the mindset people like me should have to it. An attitude of generosity, reassurance care, praying for others and helping people (Example dialogue of something insightful you learnt and can easily share). How about you? How was yours?

(They may one day prod the spiritual in these and then it’s your duty to honour their request and be a witness for Christ with gentleness and respect). So the rule: answer with spiritually minded Answers (2 Corinthians 4:13)

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