The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Learn from the resurrection Professor.

The Resurrection with gary habermas

I should say before you get put off paying for a course, this course often discounts for free several times a year (Downloadable material for offline usage)

Gary Habermas, the world’s leading expert on the resurrection of Christ, has created an entire course just for you! There is no more important event in human history than the Resurrection of Christ. This event not only evidences God’s intervention and love into the human condition, it tells the world that Christ is Lord. The great thing about the resurrection of Christ is that it is not something God asks believers to accept with blind faith. This is an event that happened in human history with hundreds of historic details that people are called to examine to gain confidence in their faith in Christ. That is why this 30-session Credo Course is focused solely on the historicity of the resurrection of Christ. There is not a more important event for Christians to know inside and out. The historicity of the resurrection is sure to tame any skeptic (outside and within), causing us all to fall on our face and worship the one true Lord, Jesus Christ.

30 Sessions

  1. The Importance of the Resurrection of Jesus
  2. A Priori Objections (Part 1)
  3. A Priori Objections (Part 2)
  4. Principles of Historiography Methodology: How Do We Use Historiography in Apologetics
  5. Approaching Scripture
  6. Minimal Facts Method
  7. Preaching before Completion of the New Testament
  8. Naturalistic Theories: Alternative Explanations for the Resurrection
  9. Naturalistic Theory 1: The Disciples Stole the Body
  10. Naturalistic Theory 2: Someone Else Stole the Body
  11. Naturalistic Theory 3: The Swoon Theory
  12. Naturalistic Theory 4: The Hallucination Theory
  13. Naturalistic Theory 5: The Copycat Theory
  14. Supernatural Alternative Theories
  15. Categorical Problems with Naturalistic Theories
  16. Understanding the Mind of a Skeptic
  17. Changing the Skeptical Mindset of the Naturalist (Part 1)
  18. Changing the Skeptical Mindset of the Naturalist (Part 2)
  19. Evidence for the Death of Jesus
  20. Evidence for the Appearances of Jesus
  21. Evidence for the Empty Tomb
  22. Constructing a Historical Timeline
  23. Apologetics: Building a Bridge from Miracles to Christianity
  24. Apologetics: Establishing a Connection between the Resurrection and the Existence of God
  25. Who Did Jesus Think He Was?
  26. Establishing the Deity of Christ
  27. Grounding Theology (Part 1)
  28. Grounding Theology (Part 2)
  29. Grounding Christian Practice: Application Based on the Resurrection
  30. The Resurrection of Jesus