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Why websites?

Not much description is really needed for this, other than websites are there to equip you in specific and broad topics. The same way as this website is for pointing you in the direction of resources with some in-house content.



Apologetics 315’s aim is to provide an army of helpful resources with a huge library of speakers from Christian to sceptic; topics from Abortion to Astrophysics. it is a whole hub of information (Which this site aspires to in a different way).

Apologetics Press is a database of resources on a range of topics. It may not swing on the aesthetics side but it is resourceful on a wide range of topics. Try the search and look up a topic or browse it’s many tabs. It is well established and has been around for a long time.

A great index of resources related to the critical questions about Christianity. for the average Joe, this is a brilliant place to start. It covers the big questions, questions of other religions, exploration of Christian beliefs and even has a neat searchbar!

Mike Winger’s site Bible Thinker has a bank of apologetic response material (scroll down on the homepage) to video lectures and talks he’s given whether that be the problem of evil to salvation to abortion marriage etc.

A Christian ministry dedicated to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and the promotion and defence of the Christian Gospel, doctrine, and theology. CARM analyses religious and non-religious movements and compares them to the Bible. they examine abortion, atheism, evolution, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, relativism, Roman Catholicism, Wicca, universalism, (and more), along with Christian preachers and teachers. They use the Bible as the final standard of truth in order to defend and promote Christianity.

J. Warner Wallace is a Dateline featured cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker and best-selling author. His website provides an abundance of apologetic resources to equip you in the faith releasing material everyday!

Frank Turek and the cross examined team engage typically with issues of culture which tend to be very relevant to their time. as well as this, it looks at key philosophical and scientific arguments for God’s existence, the historicity of Jesus’ life & resurrection. As well as this, they have a range of resources for equipping the believer whether that be a course, articles or events.

This website is designed to engage in cultural topics of the day via podcast, provide resources, it has dvd’s, videos and even a radio show!

FreeThinking Ministries features the work of Apologist and Pastor Tim Stratton and is devoted to strengthening the faith of Christians while rationally engaging and graciously challenging the faith of “non-believers.” As well as immersive content, when it comes to the topic of free will and molinism, Tim has written extensively on the topic from beginning to advanced levels.

John is a doctor, author, speaker and research scientist. His background is as a consultant neonatologist and academic researcher focusing on the mechanisms, treatment and prevention of brain damage in newborn infants. He is engaged in addressing new ethical, philosophical and theological challenges caused by advances in medical science and technology. He also dabbles in issues raised by rapid advances in AI and robotics, and the interface between cutting-edge science and Christian faith. worth a look.

Reasonable Faith aims to provide in the public arena an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today, such as: the existence of God; the meaning of life; the objectivity of truth; the foundation of moral values; the creation of the universe; intelligent design; the reliability of the Gospels; the uniqueness of Jesus; the historicity of the resurrection & the challenge of religious pluralism.

Stand to Reason trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square. The website is full of resources to equip you with difficult topics, training and evangelism tools.

Zacharias Trust / RZIM

The RZIM Zacharias Trust is part of a global organisation with a vision to help the thinker believe and the believer think. Their aim is to engage with people’s heartfelt questions about the Christian faith and explain the hope that the Gospel brings.

Apologetic Blogs

A great apologetics blog with occasional articles, usually the questions they look at are not simple quesitons of theology, but more philosophical or looking at questions you’ve probably thought about but not know how to answer. Sign upto their emails also!

Reasoned thoughts on philosophy, Christianity, and everything else important. Calum as a medical Doctor covers topics such as Euthanasia, Bioethics, abortion in great depth with a range of resources. As well as this, he provides arguments for God’s existence, explores details regarding the reliability of the Bible and more.

Capturing Christianity is a site dedicated to exposing the intellectual side of Christian belief engaging with arguments for God’s existence, debates with influential sceptics as well as providing resources for Christians to be equipped in the faith that they believe in.

Clay specialises in the problem of evil and looks to write and inform on all questions to do with suffering, God’s justice and love and all factors associated with it. A very helpful blog to follow.

Eric Hernandez is a dynamic, young, evangelistic and apologetically inclined teacher who has a passion for defending his faith on theological and philosophical grounds. Eric has spoken and debated on a public level at university and college campuses where he adamantly and adequately defends the Christian faith against atheist, agnostic and deistic professors of different worldviews. He runs Eric Hernandez Ministries which encompasses speaking engagements, apologetic seminars, weekend training courses, debates, blogs, articles and much more. He has provided some great answers with regards to the soul. on his website.

One of the top apologetics blogs for Christians, Greg has a range of resources from atheism, cults, relativism, creation, evolution, suffering and so much more.

The creators of this site wanted it to be a place where other Christians could come if they have questions about God, where believers could post answers to questions they have personally researched, and most importantly, to answer questions non-believers have about who Jesus is.

This site is a mix of good apologetic articles and questions regarding political issues of culture in our time. Some great in depth articles on topics which are needed in a time such as this.


One of a handful of Christian book stores to look through. I don’t see too much preference between them. See which store you like the most and browse your books.

10 of Those
Christian Book
CLC bookstore
Eden Books
ICM Books Direct
The Good Book


Living Waters seeks to train the members of Christ’s Body in the principles of biblical evangelism and to provide them with practical tools to proclaim the gospel. they have training videos, examples, films and more! 


Answering Islam is focused at helping you have better dialogues with Muslims, to be equipped, have answers to difficult questions and also provide questions for them to think about.

Answering Muslims is a Christian apologetics website dedicated to responding to the questions, objections, and arguments of Muslims. The site is run by Christian debaters, lecturers, and writers who have a special interest in Islam.

Mission Muslim World University is designed to equip Christian leaders to effectively love and evangelize Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have 20  video courses scholars & seminary professors, cross cultural church planters, and missiologists on a variety of subjects providing the necessary training for Christian missions among Muslims. The curriculum is a combination of video lecture, live interactive online discussion, evangelism, reading, and written assignments. 


MissionChosen People Ministries exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same.

GNFI exists to reach out to the Jewish community and provide resources and nohow to better your evangelism and engagement including providing resources for the Jew themself.

Jews for Jesus are Christians who embrace the Jewishness of their faith as well as Christianity and provide outreach to the Jewish nations. This outreach to the Jew includes non-observant Jews, atheistic Jews and agnostic Jews (Something I know not all Christians are familiar with, this site helps with that too!)

The website of Dr. Michael Brown, a Jew who came to believe in Jesus as Messiah and is a leading evangelist when reaching out to the Jewish nations and many other areas of apologetics. His website has caches of debates, resources, answers to questions, knowledge of Judaism and much more.


one of the many arms of RZIM Reboot is an apologetics resource for teens asking hard questions and providing consumable answers ranging from relationships, evil, suicide, identity and more with a few conference events a year.

A national Christian news service, their goal is to present the day’s news from a biblical perspective. Featuring the latest breaking stories from across the U.S. and around the world, but also news of the challenges facing Christians in today’s society.

A national Christian news service, their goal is to present the day’s news from a biblical perspective. Featuring the latest breaking stories from across the U.S. and around the world, but also news of the challenges facing Christians in today’s society.


John Piper’s project in where he addresses cultural questions, pastoral ones and Bible study. This is a great resource and it beautifully designed.

The Gospel Coalition is a group of pastors and churches in the Reformed tradition that put the gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of all activities. They provide a broad range of answers to cultural and pastoral questions, provide courses, run a few podcasts and is a great resource.


A great search engine for Christians! search what you want by popping in a keyword (e.g. Abortion, resurrection, government, money etc.) or more specific questions. An essential website for the christian.

The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They create 100% free videos, podcasts, and resources that explore the Bible’s unified story.


The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They create 100% free videos, podcasts, and resources that explore the Bible’s unified story.

RZIM have made a forum where you can ask your questions and possbly get answers from Alumni, their students or philosophers from RZIM / OCCA. An essential forum for Christians who want to be asking their questions.

Great for Bible studies and research into the scriptures. It has a range of commentaries to assist the Christian to get deeper into the scriptures.

Browse and buy a range of courses apologetically to equip yourselves on arguments for the resurrection, historical Jesus, the biblical manuscripts and so much more. I’ve spent more than a pretty penny here…

A library of digitised classic apologetic books. These classic works of apologetics are profoundly relevant for the 21st century. Most of the objections raised against Christianity today are variations on objections that go back hundreds of years. These objections were thoroughly discussed by some of the finest minds of the 18th and 19th centuries, and their responses are as cogent now as when they were first printed. Unfortunately, there has been little guidance to this literature for interested Christian readers. As a result some masterpieces are almost unknown even among seminary graduates and students of apologetics.

for a free resource containing the letters and writings of the early church fathers, this website provides a great tool with brief analysis (such as scriptual references duduced from the text).

They make books with leading Christian scholars to equip you for research, teaching, preaching, and lifelong learning. They have a library of online courses whether theologically or apologetically.


Dr. Gary Habermas has penned over 40 books and over a hundred articles. He has given over 1500 lectures in universities, seminaries, and colleges all over the world and is ‘Distinguished Research Professor and Chair’ in the Department of Philosophy and Theology at Liberty University, where he has taught for 30 years. His material primarily on the resurrection is the best you will find.

This wonderful website is like a dream I wish I invented! A website dedicated to the resurrection putting content into each section from the facts to the theories and the Christian message behind it. a great, well designed and clear project for displaying the evidence. Outside of my website I would recommend it for equipping yourself in the basics of resurrection.

Michael Licona is a New Testament scholar who has done vast swathes of work regarding the resurrection and debating the issue in public. Licona has got a series of books, podcast series, lectures and sources for the christian to be more equipped in the Faith

Science & design

Discovery Institute has a special concern for the role that science and technology play in our culture and how they can advance free markets, illuminate public policy and support the theistic foundations of the West.

The purpose of his web-site is as a practicing scientist and as a Christian Dr Strauss believes he may have something to offer in the discussion concerning the relationship between Christianity, science, and objective thought. He has a strong motivation to discover truth in both the physical world and in the spiritual world.

provides original reporting and analysis about evolution, neuroscience, bioethics, intelligent design and other science-related issues, including breaking news about scientific research. It also covers the impact of science on culture and conflicts over free speech and academic freedom in science. Finally, it fact-checks and critiques media coverage of scientific issues.

A resource created by the Discovery Institute as a dedicated centre for information and questions regarding Intelligent Design theory. This website is packed with resources to equip the believer that the universe shows elements of design.

RTB’s mission is to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the very latest discoveries—consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature.

Another leg to the Intelligent Design motor. Uncommon Descent is packed with resources, articles & information on learning and defending the Intelligent design movement.


one of the many arms of RZIM Reboot is an apologetics resource for teens asking hard questions and providing consumable answers ranging from relationships, evil, suicide, identity and more with a few conference events a year.