The Case for Christianity

The reliability of the New Testament.

The Bible is the textual means of God’s message to us and it affects and influences every part of the Christian life. The Bible has been thoroughly attacked, moreso in the last few hundred years and there are questions we need to have answers to. Some of the questions are big, some are small, others may not even be on your radar. What I aim to give you here is a well rounded base of answers for questions from multiple angles either in the resources and articles. (Those such questions are below)

    • How did the canon form and how do we know it’s correct? 
    • Were the New Testament authors telling the truth? 
    • What about the manuscripts? 
    • What do we do if we only have copies of the original papyri? 
    • Before the apostles and fellows wrote it all down, how was the message preserved? 
    • What evidence outside of the Christian faith recognised the existence of first century Christians? 
    • And does it align with today’s Christianity? 
    • What about supposed errors and contradictions? What do we mean by “Inspiration”?

    Introductory Videos.

    Unfortunately there are not enough short animated videos out there for every extensive topic to do with the New Testament. However, here’s three great videos to get you started relating to the accuracy of the New Testament text, archaeology & external evidence for the Jesus of the New Testament. 

      Essential articles.

      Two compelling articles for you and to share about the reliability of the Bible and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.


      Now there’s more to this page than just a few introductory videos. Explore a broad range of material that I’ve split into these neat little sections!

        More stuff!

        Extra material outside the main options are buried in these sections if you want more!

        Tim McGrew Lecture series

        Michael Licona Compositional devices approach

        Pastor Marc on easter contradictions resolved

        Fragments of Truth

        The God who Speaks

        Archaeology + Jesus 4 episode series

        Textual Criticism

        Historical Reliability of the Gospels

        Wasn’t the bible created to control the masses?

        Can we trust the New Testament manuscripts?

        Best argument for and against the gospels – Peter J Williams

        Can we trust the gospels – Peter J Williams

        Nicene creeds – Darrel Bock

        Archaeology in Israel

        Uncovering Jerusalem with Archaeologist Eli Shukron

        Do the fig tree passages contradict each other?

        New Testament manuscripts website:

        Ryan Reeves

        Post-Apostolic Church

        Bible Archaeology

        Ehrman Project

        Pastor Marc