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Why Podcasts?

Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go from some of the leading Christian thinkers and up and coming Christian ones in their relevant fields. The varieties of podcast derive from short to long, Q&A to topical, debate to interview. Now I’ve given ratings, they are obviously subjective as I did find the one’s receiving 10/10 to by a great resource for me. Likely if they’re below, they’re amazing. If there’s any podcasts I’ve missed (and there are some I’m yet to add) drop me anĀ email.

Much like Defenders podcast, this is a series of lectures designed to train you in reaching out to Muslins in apologetics., 7 lectures, 60-115 minutes, 9/10

Vince & Jo Vitale look at big apologetic and cultural questions when it comes to sharing and defending your faith with reason. 30 minutes, 2 per month, 9/10

Answering guest questions on a broad range of topics with no specific category. More theology and culture than apologetics. 30 minutes, infrequent releases, 8/10

Short Q&A’s popping up a few times weekly answering questions on the Christian walk and questions of culture. 5-10 minutes, 2-3 per week. 7/10

This podcast looks at the large apologetic issues and arguments and defenses for God and Christianity. 40-70 minutes, infrequent releases, 9/10

A podcast that tackles some rather tough cultural questions and is worthwhile having on your podcast list. 30 minutes, weekly, 7/10

J Warner Wallace has devoted to giving the Christians tactics and answers for responding to the objections to Christianity. 20-30 minutes, Weekly, 10/10

Frank Turek and a weekly guest discuss a big question across the realm of apologetics, theology, culture and ethics,. 48ish minutes, weekly, 9/10

Christian training through in doctrine and apologetics. A complete package for the Christian to have confidence ans reason for the faith they profess. 30-40 minutes, weekly, 10/10

Looking at arguments for God, free-will, the problem of evil, cultural and political issues, this podcast is a fantastic and education resource for the thinking Christian. 20-40 minutes, weekly, 10/10

Interviews on theological, ethical and apologetic areas of the Christian faith. Inviting guests from their appropriate fields. 1-2 monthly, 1-2 hours, 6/10

In short segments, this podcast looks at questions or features of the Intelligent Design debate and invites scientists to answer them., 2-3 weekly, 10-15 minutes, 7/10

This podcast addresses questions of culture, ethics theology and apologetics. 30-60 minutes, weekly, 7/10

He has a great youtube channel and now he has a podcast. this looks into apologetic issues in short consumable shows., 5-15 minutes, weekly, 7/10

The podcast of Michael Heiser, scholar of the Old Testament hosts extensive Bible studies of books in the Bible with a method probably not familiar to all. An expert at bringing out the meaning of a text. <br>45-80 minutes, Weekly, 8/10

Yes it may be a bit catholic, but that’s not really important here. This podcast engages with great apologetics, arguments form history ethics and more. 1-2 hours, weekly, 8/10

Christian artists come together to share stories, delve into a topic in depth and address culture and evangelism. Run by normal people. Weekly, 40-75 minutes, 7/10

William Lane Craig hosts the podcast on the big philosophical questions in theology, apologetics and culture. 15-30 minutes, weekly, 10/10

Looking at the connection between science and faith with their regular episodes and occasionally longer podcasts on questions of culture, church history, theology and apologetics. 30- 60 minutes, 1-2 weekly, 7/10

Cultural talks spread over a week in 10-15 minute segments by Ravi Zacharias &amp; guests. 10-15 minutes, daily, 7/10

A weekly show by RZIM which explores questions of life’s meaning, the christian message and the weakness of intellectual movements. 30 minutes, weekly, 7/10

Run by Leighton Flowers, this podcast engages with salvation, free-will and the debate between calvinism, arminians, molinists and others. 1-2 hours (sometimes longer!), weekly, 9/10

Intense, quickfire questions answered by Greg Koukl generally around apologetics interwoven with theology. usually 3-4 questions per show. 20 minutes, 2-3 per week, 8/10

Taking a topic from theology, apologetics and ethics and spending usually an hour on it while tapping into other related areas. 1 hour, weekly, 8/10

The companion podcast to their video content, Bible Project focuses on getting deeper into theological topics of Christian doctrine., 50-60 minutes, weekly, 9/10

Looking at questions Christians have, theological teaching and better ways to share your faith. 5-45 minutes, 2-3 days, 7/10

dedicated to questions in Christian history, the show looks ast church fathers and early documents of the early Christian era. Infrequent podcasts, length varies, 7/10

From Dallas theological seminary, this podcast looks at questions of culture, theology, evangelism, ethics and more. 45 minutes, weekly, 9/10

For the intermediate Apologist, this debate show takes two hot issues in Christianity or with other cultures and see two experts in their fields discuss and display their ideas. weekly, 1-2 hours, 10/10

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