The Case for Christianity

The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.

The resurrection of Jesus is at the heart of the Christian faith and is a belief every Christian should be able to give a defence for. The physical resurrection of Jesus has a wide ranging collection of facts supporting it’s historicity. The role of the Christian is to present such evidence in the face of opposition both internally and externally. There are a range of methods for defending the resurrection like the minimal facts argument (see argument to the right) since it uses data agreed by majority scholars Christian, agnostic and atheist. It is logically airtight and does well against alternative theories for the resurrection. But just because this argument uses data agreed by all scholars, that doesn’t make the Bible untrue, this is an “argument using sceptical data” so we can say to the non-Christian “Even without assuming an inerrant Bible, God raising Jesus from the dead is the best explanation”. For more on the reliability of the Bible, a broader case, see Trustworthiness of the Bible section.

    A) There are five essential established Facts about Jesus: 

    1. Jesus died by crucifixion
    2. The disciples belief in Jesus’ post-mortem appearances
    3. Paul’s belief in seeing the glorified Jesus
    4. James’ belief in Jesus’ post-mortem appearances
    5. The empty tomb

    B) The hypothesis “God raised Jesus from the dead” is the best explanation of the facts

    C) The hypothesis “God raised Jesus from the dead” entails that God exists

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