The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Epic video content.

The resurrection is strongly attested in the academic world and many of the professors have come out in numbers with lectures and videos to help you be confident in, and defend your faith. 

Jesus has often been compared to supposed dying and rising gods pre-Jesus. what do we make of these? I’ve got 15 below in a subsection. 

As well as these, see the Christian vs debates in the final section (These are for someone whose read quite a lot on the resurrection prior and understand objections in advance).

    responding to sceptics.

    Jesus vs pagans.

    Michael Jones of Inspiring Philosophy has produced these excellent comparison videos between Jesus and figured he gets compared to. None compare, and these are the result of that.


      Do the minimal facts support the resurrection?

      Gary Habermas Vs James Crossley

      Jesus' resurrection

      Gary Habermas Vs Antony Flew

      Is atheist naturalism coherent?

      Gary Habermas Vs Michael Ruse

      Is Jesus A Knock-Off Of Pagan Gods?

      Gary Habermas Vs Tim Callahan

      The possibilitty of the resurrection

      William Lane Craig Vs Gerd L├╝demann

      Is There Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus?

      William Lane Craig vs Bart Ehrman

      Did Hume Demolish Miracles?

      Gary Habermas Vs Michael Ruse

      Was Jesus Raised from the Dead?

      William Lane Craig Vs James Crossley

      Did Jesus rise from the dead?

      William Lane Craig Vs Marcus Borg

      Did Jesus rise from the dead?

      William Lane Craig Vs Shabir Ally

      Did Jesus rise from the dead?

      William Lane Craig Vs Richard Carrier

      Did Jesus rise from the dead?

      David Wood Vs John Loftus

      The Resurrection of Jesus: An article of faith or a fact of history?"

      Craig Blomberg Vs Carl Stecher