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Any responses to objections I write about will be displayed here as well as any resources I come across. This could be podcasts, apologetics conferences etc. As well as this, I’m aiming to do a weekly “here’s some interesting stuff” post from Easter onwards, whether that be a podcast, Youtube video, debate etc.  It should be noted that pre-existing content prior to the blog is found elsewhere on the site.

So in summary: Faith defending, resources & highlights of the week.


Suffering and the love of God

Reading Time: 9 minutes So the intellectual arguments for defending God’s existence in the presence of suffering may check out, but how does God love us through the suffering? These intellectual arguments may deal with suffering, but personally are very cold and often removed from our trials.   It was the sheer suffering in my

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The Probability problem of evil

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ok so God and suffering logically exists, we’ve sold that, but is it likely true? It may still be argued that while it’s logically possible that God and suffering both exist, but it’s far from likely. There’s just so much pointless suffering it seems improbable that God could have good

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The logical problem of evil

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ok, here I am looking at the philosophical challenges of God’s existence (possible and probable). These are NOT arguments you would share with someone grieving, or hit by hard times. No, these are foundational arguments you probably need to know either prior or a while after a tragic event. I

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Will eternity be boring?

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are some funny views of heaven which, quite frankly, are just weird. Some have come from taking symbolism too far (like they have done for hell), other ideas about heaven are just alien altogether. In fact, some of the misconceptions are so bizarre that many Christians actually fear heaven.

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Will we have free will in heaven?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Yes.  If there were no free will, why not take away suffering sooner since it’s all a game of chess where both teams are puppet masters?  Now are there examples of free will in heaven? Yes, there was a war in heaven (Revelation 12:7).  Also, with this free-will, why would

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Wasn’t there another way?

Reading Time: 9 minutes So it has been said: Couldn’t God give us freedom but there be less evil? Well I’d like to ask a follow up question: How could God give humans free will yet not let them hurt each other? Saying this doesn’t make it true, could God do it better? Well

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Is free will worth it considering all the suffering in the world?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Does our free will justify the quantity of suffering? Firstly how do we define free-will? It is the ability to do other than you do. It is the ability to make self-determined or self-caused choices as opposed to having our choices determined or caused by someone or something else. If

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What’s fair about eternal punishment?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Those who look at the problem of evil long enough sometimes come to the conclusion that perhaps there is only one problem of evil, hell.  There are some in a position where they want to redefine hell, so it is a place of annihilation, so you don’t go on forever

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What about those who have never heard?

Reading Time: 7 minutes So a common objection that comes up is if those who are to be saved need to hear the Gospel, what about those who have never heard about it? Many sceptics say people on the judgement day, through no fault of their own, will be condemned because they lacked the

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Are there no good people? (Part 2)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Did Jesus think there were good people? In Mark 10:18 someone calls Jesus good teacher, to which he responds “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.” (Jesus’ trick here is for them to reflect on their words, not the denial of his godly status,

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Did Paul have temporal lobe epilepsy?

Reading Time: 6 minutes So I was asked about the possibility of Paul having TLE. Now with anything, a mere assertion doesn’t make it more plausible, so what is the case and response to this objection?

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