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We all have lots of data these days and know we can listen to youtube like we do music. I haven’t posted any resource blogs for a while, so here’s a bunch of great resources I’ve spotted from Youtube over the past month. I realise I watch easily 10-50 videos a day at times..  

Pick and choose what you like, I try to give brief descriptions to help you decide what you feel like watching. Best thing: Subscribe to the channels from where they are from!


Short but sweet advice from Braxton

Two well known hosts of debate shows have a conversation. Really enjoyed this one.

So Harari has written some popular books which christians should be aware of and the narratives they’re portraying. Here is an interaction with his work from a Christian perspective.

This was a great debate on the problem of evil between two prominent well educated Youtubers, both with large followings. There are also three breakdowns of some of Cosmic Skeptic’s statements. Watch them as a package!

The McDowell’s are great sources of wisdom and I have appreciated their work so much! Here Josh shares some insane stories and wisdom throughout his preaching, especially in high Marxist environments.

A new channel looking at errors in the Quran. It’s new! If this is your area, give it a follow!

I think you can guess by now I listen to a range of Christian viewpoints! And so we should! Here NT Wright discusses a whole array of questions asked by viewers, some of which were quite new revelations for me! (None controversial)

This discussion really does help clearing up a lot of confusion and misreadings of Old Testament violence acts.

Yeah I’m a fan of Camerons Capturing Christianity (Makes sense since I’m part of his Berean group). But this is the first instalment in this back and forth video by video debate. I’m intrigued to see how this plays out. 

Another debate and discussion about a christian musician whose left the faith, though a lot could be said. Watch the debate and the discussion afterwards. 

Is critical theory biblical? (So it should be titled) Well this video goes into the reasons why it is not. And this channel has amazing animated videos by the way!

Great advice from “Chief” Billy Craig

Glenn’s made this sharable Coronavirus vs Abortion spoken word. Very powerful.

Want to look into the evidence for the soul but not sure where to start? try this interview and the book discussed.

Here me out Calvinists! You’ve got to understand all perspectives right? Here Craig rarely goes into depth on Molinism for such an extensive period of time. Fun fact discussed elsewhere: did you know you could be a Molinist and a Calvinist at the same time? Yeah that’ll at least scratch the head. Watch it. 

A great talk about the philosophy undergirding certain “change” narratives and the driving force behind it. 

I recently wrote an article on Enoch. want to hear it from a scholar? Check out this Chap!

More Adam and Eve stuff! Here Swamidass and Craig have it out in discussion on the differences in their views of when Adam and Eve lived.

If you’re a Christian, then you’re into defending the resurrection. Here Loke wizzes through objections to the resurrection like it’s child’s play. Also He is giving his book away for FREE.

A great young scholar is Wesley Huff. His material is great and has been providing some fantastic lectures on the defence of orthodox Christianity.

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