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An all sorts

It’s been a great second week on the site, plenty bugs and kinks to work out (Sorry for all the people who’ve emailed me, just discovered none of my responses have been sent! Will try to fix that…). Getting straight to the point, here are the resources!

Social media series update: External Evidence for the Bible

Responses to the evidence from outside the Bible has been positive, I’ve heard one or two challenges to material here or there but have not taken issue in anything core to the article. I intend to write a separate article on the reliability of Thallus, a mid-first century source just because there’s more information on him that is tucked away and harder to find.


Dan Strange gives a great interview on Christianity Explored’s Youtube channel on how we dialogue and observe the Coronavirus narrative.

Ethics: Abortion

This topic is an absolute minefield and has to be treated delicately and with the deepest care. Here is a small book by Dr Lizzie Ling giving some of the background on some of the views from pro choice/life groups, what situations lead to certain decisions, why they happen and what we and Christians should be doing to support mothers and families. 

The video here is from Dr Callum Miller, a researcher relevant to this field who goes through a lot of the data, research and what is actually truth and what is not. 


There’s a lot of resources out there to do with this topic. I’ve narrowed down a book, three videos and a short article. 

The arguments leading to God

There are a range of arguments for God’s existence on this website, but there are plenty more. Here are two video arguments on Reason and beauty leading you to believe in at least a personal God. 

Other interesting stuff!

I…don’t really have a category for this stuff, but it was interesting. An interview about false conversions, what they look like; an interview with leading Apologist Frank Turek on a range of topics; the story of reconciliation related to the Oklahoma bombing and why Joe Rogan, a popular podcaster who trash talks the Bible is absolutely clueless about it!

More Advanced stuff

Here we have more technical discussions for the keen apologist maybe a year in. A discussion between Professors William Lane Craig and Joshua Swamidass on how recent Adam and Eve lived. Generally, one would hold to a recent, 6,000 year old Adam and Eve and the other an older couple, routing 500-750k years ago.

The second video is Dr Sean McDowell’s response to a keen youtuber related to the fate of the Apostles. He responds clearly here. 

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