Supposed Bible contradictions/errors refuted.

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Bible Contradictions!

We hear about them so often! But do they really exist? Well no, there is no where it says “Jesus said baptism is evil” “Jesus said I am not God” “Jesus said the trinity is stupid”.. No. What we’re really at task is are there seemingly difficult passages that appear hard to reconcile? I say this as I’ve seen Some which do throw me and many after really looking into it, wasn’t even an issue but my lack of knowledge. 

Now for some of these, people will answer them in multiple ways, which one is right? Well either we don’t know or some resolutions make just far more sense and require less assumptions. We want plausibility not perfection in most cases. 

So below I’ve got an army of resources the internet has gifted me. Know of any others? let me know!

One day I plan to make a systematic library on all the answers to supposed errors and contradictions. Until then, here’s an army of resources. Know of any useful resources and answers? Let me know! Have any objections with no answers here? I’ll have a look and see. Chances are, someone has answered it somewhere or what you’re asking may not be an issue perhaps. Enjoy. 

143 straight up resolutions

Protestants, don’t be afraid of the Catholic website! Here the article lays out a list of 143 supposed contradictions with short answers. Each number is a skiplink to a more detailed answer. It’s not a bad starting point.

Inspiring Philosophy’s animated video resolutions

These are fantastic and detailed, see the videos below.


These are fantastic and detailed, see the videos below.As well as contradictions there are also accused “errors”. See Inspiring Philosophy’s responses below

Tim McGrew Lectures

Professor McGrew tackles some popular supposed contradictions

Licona Lecture

Professor Licona tackles some popular supposed contradictions using compositional devices. Personally I’m not a huge fan if his technique, I understand why it’s a popular method, but I think he’s gone too far, tried to explain too much with them. Some, sure could be plausible, for for others, some contradictions require using common sense.  

Pastor Marc’s Lectures

Pastor Marc commited himself to doing an Easter series on the supposed errors and contradictions to do with passion week. See the lectures below followed by individual clips afterwards.

Other lists

This website has a thorough database book by book. take a look: 

Responses to 136 contradictions:

CARMs list Genesis-Deuteronomy:

Harmony of the resurrection accounts:

Another suggested harmony:

…and another

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