Conversation: What is repentance?

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“I’d we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleans us from all unrighteousness” — 1 John 1:9

  1. It’s the changing of one’s mind to align with God
    1. We do this when we do things contrary to God things
    2. God things are revealed by the spirit in us and God’s word
  2. We come to God for genuine forgiveness—be genuine, no outward expression will satisfy, it’s got to come from within
  3. A ticket to return to the self God has called you to be
  4. It isn’t an instant turnaround, it’s a lifelong commitment drawing you closer to God
Q. What should I do when I repent?

When you become aware of sin (R.C.G.R.H)

  1. Recognition: Become aware of your sin and turn to God in his mercy
    1. If you know you should repent, but don’t have strong feelings, ask God to work a repentant heart into you. Only God can produce true repentance in you
  2. Cleansing: ask God to rid these practices from your life so we do not do them again
  3. God: Remember you have sinned against God alone, even though you have obviously done wrong by other people. You are responsible for your sin, not God 
  4. Restoration: Ask God to restore your joy in him that your actions have pulled you away from
  5. Holy Spirit: Ask God to remain dwelling with you and not to abandon you
    1. God could leave us to our own devices if we harden our hearts. The prayer of repentance is to take refuge in God
Q. What is sin?
  1. Transgressions of God’s laws, actions that are not loving by God’s standards
Q. Can you be an unrepentant Christian?
  1. There is no faith without repentance
  2. We were dead in our sin before we come to God (Ephesians)
    1. Following the worldly path: do what pleases
    2. Following God’s path: walking with God, living to new pleasures and desires
  3. No one is born Christian, it’s a decision you have to make (John 3:3)
    1. You don’t become Christian because of your righteous will, you come to Christianity from the pull of God’s righteousness, of God’s spirit working in you drawing you to God
Q. How do I know if I’m an unrepentant Christian?
  1. Which course is your life on? God’s or the worlds?
  2. Do you desire to please God? Are you haunted by sins in your life that you want God to us-burden you of?
  3. Is there any evidence that you are being moulded and reshaped by Christ?
  4. Do you seem to follow the above model (R.C.G.R.H)?
  • Memorise Psalm 51 it is a good body for repentance
  • Also 1 John 1:9
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