Corroborated reports: People they didn’t know had died

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Evidence for NDE’s includes some corroborated reports with some limited scientific means of testing and systemising them. We have 4 types of evidence we will use in this case: Almost dead; post-heart stoppage; Post-brain activity and Loved ones whose death was at the time unknown.  [1]

The 4th and final line of evidence we will be using will be on the area where people see friends or loved ones they didn’t know have died. This, as you’ll see can range from five minutes, five days, to before their lifetime! In this the individual tells us having seen and visited the deceased one who affirmed that they have indeed died. In some of the more evidential cases of this type, no one present had known that the loved one had died—neither the one who was or near death, nor, in some cases, anyone immediately involved. Strangely, the results is sometimes that the experiencer is so convinced that they met the other person that their entire attitude towards death is altered into a sense of peace, well-being, and even a desire to be with the deceased loved one. Later, they discovered that the other individual had truly died, sometimes at that very hour. Here are our examples


A well cited and published case is one shared by Natalie Kalmus of the Technicolour. Motion Picture Corporation. As her sister lay there dying, she began muttering the names of loved ones who had died prior, but who she was now seeing. Then she saw a cousin named Ruth and asked, “What’s she doing here?” Ruth had died unexpectedly the week before and because of her condition, Eleanor had not been told of the passing.  Then just before Eleanor died, “Suddenly her arms stretched out.. ‘I’m going up,’ she murmured” [1] 

Meeting Tom

This next one has even more evidential value. A woman who was near death perceived herself leaving her body and viewed the hospital room, the doctor shaking his head, and her husband who was upset. Then she believed that she went to heaven and saw an angel, along with a familiar young man. She questioned him, “Why, Tom, I didn’t know you were up here!” Tom responded that he had only just arrived as well. But the angel told the woman that she would be returning to earth, which disappointed her because, as she later reported, heaven was “the most beautiful, peaceful, wonderful place —far beyond  anything I had ever dreamed.” Then she found herself back on the hospital bed with the doctor looking over her. Later that evening, her husband got a call informing him that their friend, Tom had died in a car accident. [2]

Ill young woman

In an older case documented in Judson Palmers book, which was given to A.D. Sandborn, both of whom were Ministers. Sandborn regularly visited a seriously ill young woman in Iowa on his way to work. One day while Sandborn was present, she testified that she was seeing the gates of heaven, along with two old friends (who now lived at opposite ends of the country), and that they had died. The three friends were waiting to be taken into heaven. A few days later after the death of the woman, Sandborn researched the matter and discovered that the other two friends, had both died on exactly the same day [3]

7 Year old Cory

Cory was in a battle with Leukemia. In a near-death vision, Cory told his mother that he had visited a “crystal castle,” where he met one of her old high school boyfriends who had died after being crippled in a car accident. Phone calls to some friends confirmed that the old boyfriend had indeed died the exact same day that Cory had the vision. Then, in another instance, Cory also reported that one of his best friends from the hospital had also died. His mother thought this was very unlikely, since they had seen the boy very recently. But upon visiting the hospital the next day for Chemotherapy, they were told that their friend has died unexpectedly the night before. [4] 

48 year old man

We also have accounts where people remember meeting individuals who are deceased who they never had previously known. This 48 year old man had a heart attack in Doctor Rawlings’s office. The EKG registered no heartbeat. In several subsequent near-death episodes, the man reported going to hell repeatedly. Precisely during one of these incidents, he became a Christian. Then in one of his subsequent experiences, this man found himself in a gorge full of beautiful colours, lush vegetation, and light. In this, he met both his stepmother and his mother. His mother had died when he was 15 months old. His father had remarried soon after her death, and the son had never even seen a photo of his mother. After hearing of his latest near-death experience, his aunt came to visit him a few weeks later and brought a picture where his mother was posing with a number of other people. The man had no difficulty picking his mother out of the group, which astounded his father. [5] 

A Girls NDE mid heart surgery

This girl (anonymous) had a NDE during heart surgery and in this experience she claimed to have met her brother, even though she didn’t have one in her earthly existence. Her father, moved by her powerful testimony, revealed that she did have a brother who had in fact died before she was born. [6]

Fiery Car wreck

One of the most evidential, yet powerful cases has to be the account of a family who experienced a fiery car wreck. The mother died at the scene, her two sons were taken to two different hospitals. While Kubler-Ross sat at the bedside of the youngest child, he came out of his coma, during a commonly observed “clear moment.” Although in considerable pain, the child was quiet and at peace.

The doctor in term asked him how he felt, the boy responded , “Yes, everything is alright now. Mommy and Peter are already waiting for me.” Then, with a little contented smile, he lapsed back into his coma and died. The boy had not been told that the other members of his family had already passed away. Then as Kubler-Ross walked past the nursing station, she was told that a call had just come in from the other hospital telling them that Peter, the older brother, had died just minutes earlier before his brother. [7]


This category is distinct from the other categories of evidence by its very nature due to it providing data concerning those who have already died. At times these deaths had occurred some time before, although this was not always known. After Kubler-Ross investigated cases like these globally he came to this remarkable conclusion and I quote:

“In all the years that I have quietly collected data… Every single child who mentioned that someone was waiting for them mentioned a person who had actually preceded them in death, even if by only a few moments. And yet none of these children had been informed of the recent death of the relatives by us at the time. [8] 

These 4 categories give us highly evidenced data concerning NDEs, as well as other crucial and accurate details being given. During extended periods of absence of heartbeat (including flat EKG’s), corroboration during flat brain-wave readings (EEG) and accounts of deceased over one’s being met, whose deaths were not known by those present. It would appear that each of these types of cases contributes something unique to our argument for an afterlife. 


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