Epistle of Barnabas

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This document (Estimated 70 – 132AD) is considered one of the Apostolic fathers documents and it is largely Orthodox in its views, that is, it has evangelical doctrine to it. But nobody thought it was written by Barnabas. The Muratorian Canon tells us it is a good book to read but it is not scripture as “it is written in our time”. This document is preserved completely in the codex Sinaiticus

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. Written in the second century outside of the Apostolic age
  2. Anti-Semitic in nature
  3. It was only ever recognised in Alexandria and no where else
  4. The writer doesnt consider themselves a teacher

Useful external attestation details 

  1. Animal sacrifices are no longer needed
  2. Christians are to be a temple rather than rely on offerings
  3. Christians not to be content with their sinful lifestyle 
  4. Cites Isaiah 53 prophecy of the cross
  5. God had to come incarnate in the flesh (Jesus) so we could stand in his presence one day
  6. Jesus mentioned by name
  7. He appeals to Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac as a type of Christ
  8. Christians were allowed to eat all meats
  9. Defends water baptism
  10. Defends the cross in the Old Testament
  11. The temple was destroyed in 70AD
  12. God’s truth is often embedded in parables

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