Gospel of Barnabas

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  • 15th century Muslim forgery is the opinion of scholars
  • Jesus portrayed merely as a prophet not the Messiah
    • Quran says Jesus is the Messiah and contradicts this

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  • It’s more than 1,000 years too late
  • Muslims would’ve used this prior to the 15th century  to make their case if the document was around prior
  • Makes major errors such as referring to Jesus as Christ twice but then later denying he is the Messiah. Jews wouldn’t make such a mistake, BArnabas certainly wouldn’t 
  • Gets the year of Jubilees incorrect
  • Mentions medieval feudalism systems like a medieval court procedure, and wooden wine cask. Wine skins were used in 1st century Palestine.


  • Sources (Only late ones exist) that deny Jesus never died: Gospel of Barnabas 217.
  • Year of jubilee — Gospel of Barnabas 83.
  • Changing the year of jubilee — See Geisler and Saleeb, Answering Islam, appendix 3.
  • Medieval feudalism — Gospel of Barnabas 122
  • Medieval court procedure — Gospel of Barnabas 121
  • Wooden Wine Casks — Gospel of Barnabas 152

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