Gospel of Mary

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Uncovered in 1896, this supposed Gospel was discovered with other papyrus manuscripts and other manuscripts have since been discovered to help us piece together this document, yet we still don’t have a complete manuscript. Scholars have dated this work from the mid to late second century generally with no one putting it in the first century to my knowledge (120-180AD). As to which Mary, many have posited it as Mary Magdalene to be the likely candidate.

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. It is dated outside the Apostolic era
  2. It was found with other known Gnostic texts as part of a wider collection
  3. It has similarities to Gnostic saying/dialogue texts as well as interactions similar to the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. 
  4. It was not accepted by any church canon and considered heretical by the church
  5. The content is not related to the Christian world and would be alien to the first century Christians
    1. Stories about creation of the universe, hierarchy of angels, demons and people in the “unseen realm”

Useful external attestation details

  1. Describes Jesus as Saviour and the Son of Man
  2. Mary, Levi, Andrew and Peter are attested to in dialogue 
  3. Jesus is a source of divine knowledge

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