Gospel of Nicodemus

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This document, dated in the 4th century is actually a medieval Latin text written by the “Order of Nicodemus” Within is there is a section called “The Acts of Pilate”.

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. Many documents were “claiming” to be from Pilate, some are mentioned in Justin Martyr’s (103-165AD) preserved works. Tertullian does the same in 195AD. Neither claim these to be from God
  2. The document is historically lost and wasn’t as valued by God’s people
  3. It doesn’t appear to come from the apostolic era
  4. Many Pilate documents were used against the body of Christians
  5. The copy of the Gospel of Nicodemus was believed to be written as a response to the Pagan version of the Acts of Pilate and is a historical document, not a non-based one
  6. It is clearly not written by Nicodemus, Pilate or anyone else from the 1st century. Epiphanius in 376AD is the first to mention this work
  7. Only a partial — includes just a passion narrative

Useful external attestation details 

  1. Jesus is identified as “Son of God”, “Lord Jesus Christ”, the “Christ”
  2. Jesus has twelve disciples who testify on his behalf
  3. Virgin conception of Jesus
  4. Jews accusations of Jesus being illegitimate child
  5. Jesus’ trial, crucifixion and resurrection
  6. Pilate, Herod, Annas, Caiaphas, Joseph of Arimathea are all mentioned
  7. Pilate was reluctant to deliver the charges against Jesus
  8. Jesus accused of healing on the Sabbath
  9. Pilate’s wife warns Pilate on her dream
  10. Jesus was beaten and forced to wear a crown of thorns
  11. Jesus was crucified between two criminals
  12. Jesus is pierced in the side on the cross
  13. Jesus is given vinegar to drink with gall
  14. The darkness at the death of Jesus is described as an eclipse (1st century Roman historian Thallus claimed as such)
  15. Joseph of Arimathea acquires the body of Jesus and places Him in the tomb. 
  16. The tomb is sealed

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