The Apocryphon of James

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This document is dated towards the end of the 2nd century generally (150-180AD) and was found in Egypt with the other Nag Hammadi material in 1945 and only one single damaged copy has been recovered. 

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. Second century documents or later are outside of eyewitness testimony and beyond the Canonical criteria
    1. It appears in the Gnostic age, not the Apostolic age. 
  2. Found with Gnostic works, not apostolic ones
  3. Uses Gnostic language throughout
    1. Fits into the type of material Irenaeus stated “was forged to bewilder the minds of foolish people”
  4. Attacks Peter to legitimise it’s teaching, contrary to the gospels, Paul’s letters and the church fathers.
  5. The text claims you are saved by Gnosis (secret knowledge), not through the Grace of God and Jesus’ deity, death and resurrection

Useful external attestation details 

  1. Jesus lived
  2. Jesus died on the cross
  3. Jesus was resurrected
  4. Jesus had 12 disciples
  5. The life of Jesus was eventually recorded by his disciples
  6. Jesus is described as the Son of Man
  7. Jesus spoke in parables and affirms
    1. The Shepherds
    2. The Seed
    3. The Building
    4. The Lamps of the Virgins
    5. The Wage of the Workers
    6. The Double Drachma
    7. The woman

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