The Dialogue of the Saviour

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This document is yet another found with the Nag Hammadi collection in 1945, Egypt. The text is damaged but it is discernible that it’s a dialogue between Jesus and some of his followers or sayings like the Gospel of Thomas. Scholars reckon, based on how the text jumps around from context to context, that this is a number of texts written together as a collection. This document is generally dated 120-180AD, never earlier.

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. Written outside the apostolic age
  2. Found with other Gnostic, heretical works
  3. It only exists in a single codex and there is little of this document, perhaps it wasn’t valued highly enough
  4. It’s all about gnosis, secret acquisition of knowledge, contradicts Christian doctrine of salvation
  5. Considers the body evil, contradicting Christian doctrine

Useful external attestation details 

  1. Jesus is described as the “only begotten son” of God, and the “Savior” and “Lord”
  2. Jesus had many disciples with Matthews, Mary and Judas being named in the text
  3. Jesus taught these disciples about prayer, bout creation, about the end times
  4. Church fathers generally rejected this type of document where we have records

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