The History of Joseph the Carpenter

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This document dating in the 5th century (400-480AD) Follows narratives like the infancy Gospels of Thomas and James to fill in the gaps we don’t know about Jesus but people would like to presume. This work is written as a message from Jesus where he talks about his stepfather. The origins of this work are rather unknown, two versions have survived — one in Coptic and another in Arabic. The text also conveniently answers issues raised in other Nag Hammadi documents like the First Apocalypse of James

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. Written outside the apostolic age
  2. Purely written on the desire to fill the gaps of Jesus’ life we don’t know about
  3. Quotes an already exiting New Testament and is likely just writing a story at this point in history
  4. Venerates Mary in an unbiblical way far beyond adoration only found in later Gnostic and 2nd century texts
  5. Describes Joseph as a 11 year old man with an 12 year old Mary. 

Useful external attestation details 

  1. It assumes the validity of the Gospels
  2. Jesus is described as “Jesus of Nazareth” the “Lord Jesus Christ”, “Saviour”, “Master”, “God”, “Christ” and “Son of God”
  3. Taught on the mount of Olives
  4. Jesus is crucified
  5. Jesus is resurrected
  6. Jesus had to die for Adam and those following after
  7. Jesus gave the great commission 
  8. Jesus’ nativity is laid out
  9. Mary is described as a young virgin 
  10. Jesus’ conception is described as a mystery
  11. Joseph is visited by an angel
  12. Herod the great is identified
  13. John the Baptist’s martyrdom is mentioned
  14. Jesus being obedient to his parents
  15. Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John, 2 Corinthians and the Book of Revelation are mentioned

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