The Questions of Bartholomew

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This is also possibly the lost Gospel of Bartholomew, there is no consensus, however, this document is dated later on in antiquity anyway (200-550AD). There are signs such as the veneration of Mary that give us a good indication that this document was written later. This manuscript exists in Greek, Latin and Slavonic and so certainly made the rounds. There is assumptions theories that perhaps this document was originally Coptic in Egypt, but no ones putting it in the apostolic period.

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. Written well outside the apostolic period
    1. Written supposedly later than most Gnostic works also
    2. Bartholomew was definitely dead at this point
  2. If this is the Gospel of Barnabas was rejected as a heretical fraud by the church fathers early on
  3. Follows similar structures to Gnostic dialogues
    1. Passing of secret wisdom to a select few to heal every sin
    2. Negative view of the body
    3. Obsessed with Jesus’ ascent and work in hell

Useful external attestation details 

  1. Jesus is identified as “Lord” 
  2. Jesus is the source or spiritual wisdom 
  3. Jesus was crucified on a cross
  4. There was darkness in the sky as he died
  5. Jesus rose from the dead
  6.   Bartholomew, Peter, Andrew and John are mentioned
  7. Virgin conception of Jesus (Though a heretical version of it)


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