The Second Apocalypse of James

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This document is dated 130-150AD with scholars believing it was written mid second century at the earliest. It was discovered with the First Apocalypse of James in 1945 as part of the Nag Hammadi collection in Egypt. Even though it’s called the second, scholars have dated it prior to the first Apocalypse. The earliest manuscript of this is 3rd-4th century. This document is a supposed dialogue between Jesus and his brother, James. A priest named Mareim is said to be the one recorded.

Reasons for rejection/non-inclusion

  1. Second century documents or later are outside of eyewitness testimony and beyond the Canonical criteria
    1. It appears in the Gnostic age, not the Apostolic age. 
  2. Found with Gnostic works, not Apostolic ones
  3. Scholars collectively reject this book as Canonical
  4. Claims to contain hidden material that the New Testament missed
  5. The text claims you are saved by Gnosis, not through the Grace of God and Jesus’ deity, death and resurrection

Useful external attestation details 

  1. Jesus is referred to as ‘Lord’, ‘Righteous one’, the ‘Life’ and the ‘Light’
  2. Jesus is the Judge of the world who had many disciples
  3. Jesus is a wise teacher with wisdom from God

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