Sudden disappearance of brain tumour

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A malignant brain tumour vanishes! The storyline that flashes across the news. Paul Wood realised something wasn’t right, he had massive headaches and could barely walk down the hallway without holding onto the wall. Paul’s Doctor sent him to a neurosurgeon in UC SAN Francisco who thought he has a Brian bleed, though radiology saw signs of a tumour. Wood turned to his community for support and prayer.

The day before surgery Wood’s surgery was cancelled because Wood’s suspected tumour was gone! Specialists can’t explain why it was gone, multiple checks were done prior to the operation to make sure it was there. 

“We do tests, we have medical technology and we try to come out with a conclusion, we’re like detectives. Sometimes things happen that we can’t explain”

Dr Richard Yee, Family Medicine
This was back in July 2018, you can see the tumor on the lower right a white round spot

11/1/18 The tumor is completely gone, Doctors cannot explain it, they agree, it is a miracle of some kind! 

Video report of the story

Newspapers reporting it

(Just a sample of some papers, it was reported widely!)
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